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Data may not be useful unless it is in a particular format. The process of converting such data to another format is referred to as data conversion. At Regeneration IT Solutions (RITS), we import, validate and cleanse data. We convert such data into usable formats. Note that most businesses and organizations use ineffective data conversion solutions. It compromises the integrity and quality of the data. It becomes difficult to rely on such data to make decisions. But at Regeneration IT Solutions (RITS), we have sophisticated tools which we use to guarantee the quality of data. We have put in place strict regulations that help to ensure that the safety of data is not compromised. We also offer data entry services.

Our services

  • Book Conversion

  • Document Conversion

  • File Conversion

  • Catalog Conversion

Our Process

  • XML Conversion Services

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  • E-book Conversion

  • Word Formatting Services

We know that using certain methods of data conversion may compromise the intended outcome. So we use tools state-of-art tools with enhanced encoding capabilities. They ensure that the files are converted to the required formats without compromising quality. Our staff is highly trained and pays attention to details. It ensures that you get data in a format that you want in the shortest time possible.

We convert data from magazines, articles, and books to any format you may want. We provide OCR, ICR and, OMR scanning. Also, we convert data from MS office to PDF and vice versa. At Regeneration IT Solutions (RITS), we offer catalog conversion, document conversion, and book conversion. We also offer a variety of other file conversions. We provide both simple and complex conversion.

Our processes ensure that data is cleansed and validated. Also, it ensures that data is available in useable forms. Furthermore, our processes ensure that data is available in formats that can be read by a range of apps or software. Besides, we convert data into images, text, sound as well as other files. We also do data encoding and coding. It ensures that data is available in a format you want.

We are aware that data is generated in many ways. It could be in excel files, email, paper documents, database as well as downloadable documents. Allowing such data to accumulate may make utilizing it difficult. But when you outsource it to us, we ensure that the data is converted to easily accessible formats. It also ensures that such data is stored in one place and can be accessed at a click of a button.

We follow stringent practices to ensure that when you entrust data into our hands, it is secure and safe. It implies that when your organization hires us for data conversion your data will be secure and safe.

Other than offering data conversion services, we are also the leading Data Entry Services provider. We provide Offline data entry and online Data entry services. In fact, we are a one shop stop for all offshore data entry services. Get in touch now and let’s discuss how you can benefit from the services we offer.

Why Choose Us

We offer tailored and customized solutions for data conversion projects. Also, we ensure that the services are available at affordable prices. Besides we use the latest technology and tools to ensure that we deliver on quality. Our processes are secure and so we guarantee data confidentiality.

Accurate Data Conversion Services from Regeneration IT Solutions (RITS). We offers Data Entry, Mortgage Product Data Entry, Data Processing, Data Conversion, Data Scrapping to client across the world. Call us at (+91) 8668209302 for Data Conversion Project to discuss.

Why you should outsource your document conversion projects

   When you outsource your document conversion tasks, you place yourself in an advantageous position against your competitors because you are likely to save on costs. Outsourcing document conversion service not only assures you of timely delivery of your document conversion tasks but high quality. Any document conversion service such as Regeneration IT Solutions (RITS) seeks to satisfy its clientele through efficient and effective service delivery. Moreover, data conversion service outfits worth their salt also try to adjust their fees and prices to accommodate varied customer needs. Outsource your document conversion tasks and free yourself to focus on activities that directly grow your business.

Document conversion also makes it possible to retrieve data when and how you want it. The problem of document retrieval is a big problem with both small and large organizations. Since documents in digital form have the advantage of backup options, you do not have to worry about the possibility of completely losing your data. In modern-day, data is stored in a virtual location on the cloud. You can access it anytime from anywhere. You not only save on the cost of retrieval but also the time it takes to retrieve such data. Besides, paper-based documentation often suffers from such problems as

  • Inaccurate filing

  • Record loss or confused data distribution that takes time to fix, once, and if discovered in good time

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