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   Regeneration IT Solutions (RITS) is a leading data entry service provider for businesses in the Asia, US, UK, and Europe. It offers a myriad of services that help businesses to thrive. Amongst them are image scanning, data processing, data entry service, and data conversion services. We make use of the latest technology to work on the assigned tasks. We do this within the agreed time-frames. We put clients on the top of things using top-notch tools and software. It affords them numerous competitive advantages in their respective fields. At Regeneration IT Solutions (RITS), we are committed to managing most of your data entry requirements. We offer advice on how to get things to 100% perfection at the lowest cost possible.

Our Services:
  • Data Entry

  • Data Processing

  • Form Processing

  • Data Conversion

  • Web Research

  • Scanning and OCR

  • SEO services

  • Data Capture and Data Extraction

Our process

   Our process is a simple one. It consists of simple activities designed to help accomplish the goals of the organization. The process runs through the following nine stages:

   At Regeneration IT Solutions (RITS), we go the extra mile to ensure that the job is done to your satisfaction. We are committed to fulfilling our promises including ensuring that the completed job is accurate. We endeavor to deliver quality work within the agreed timelines. Our goal is to get the task done correctly on the first attempt. But we always allow our clients to request for revisions. When such a request is made, we carry out the revisions until when the client is 100% satisfied. Our goal is to establish and maintain a long term relationship with our clients. We know this can be possible if there is mutual trust and respect.

Why choose Regeneration IT Solutions (RITS)

   We will keep the cost of data entry services low so that you save money and time by outsourcing the task to us. You will no longer need to hire a permanent employee to do this task that comes once in a while. At a small cost, we will be able to do the job for you.

   If you need data processing services, we guarantee to do a quality job for you. It will save time and money to outsource tasks such as form processing, PDF to excel data entry and medical bill processing to us. Also, if you want to create a database into excel, our Magento products will do this for you. Regeneration IT Solutions (RITS) is a world-leading Data Entry company you can rely on for Offline and online Data entry.

   At Regeneration IT Solutions (RITS), we have a staff that is committed to helping you achieve all your desired goals. We work honestly and strive to deliver on assigned tasks as agreed. Our experts follow a planned business process. They guarantee to give clients nothing but the best results. Regeneration IT Solutions (RITS) is the apt place you need to visit for a variety of services. We offer offshore data entry and PDF to excel data entry. You will also access online data entry and offline data entry among others. Our procedures give your businesses access to a hybrid of online and offline data entry services. We are a leading Data Entry Services provider with in Asia, Europe, UK and the United States of America.

   Regeneration IT Solutions (RITS) is home to offshore data entry assistance. You will get Web Research Services, OCR, and scanning services at affordable rates. Other services you will get include form processing, data conversion, data processing, and Data Entry assistance. Feel free to outsource all your company’s data entry tasks to us. We have the best package for you at an affordable rate. And we deliver all assigned tasks within the stipulated timeframe. Contact us now for more information.


Data Entry

Data Processing

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