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   Regeneration IT Solutions (RITS) had its beginnings in 2015. We now offer a wide range of BPO, KPO, LPO, and RPO Services offering both onshore and offshore outsourcing and consulting services specializing in IT-enabled services, back office outsourcing services and business process outsourcing solutions from India guaranteed to cut costs and improve quality.

   We at Regeneration IT Solutions (RITS), offer world class Offshore & Outsourcing, Telemarketing, Call Center and BPO Services which help us to promote the success of our customers. By providing innovative, value added applications and services, that increases productivity, enhances the quality of client communications, and delivers highest level of support, in terms of customer satisfaction, to diverse business sectors. In next upcoming time we will acquire excellence in delivering an enhanced level of customer satisfaction to our clients, by offering superior Inbound Call Center Services, BPO Services, and Telemarketing Services. We are committed to endeavor quality performance at any stage and at all times, may it be for attaining productivity through calls, or by providing utmost customer satisfaction. Our professional experience has taught us that the success of our outsourcing firm is the direct result of, our constant focus, on the attainment of “Your” business goals.

   Regeneration IT Solutions (RITS) works in conjunction with companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 60 companies, creating successful partnerships and marketing formulas, which in turn yield profitable results and success to all the partners associated with us. Our sole purpose is to support you and stick to our commitments in order to, not just satisfy, but exceed your expectations. You will gain a significant competitive advantage as all our employees are dedicated to achieving “Your” goals, with an unperturbed commitment to quality, and our thorough determination creates optimum conditions which ultimately leads to, success. Facts demonstrate that outsourcing, by large, say in terms of BPO service or Call Center Service, has grown on a fast pace in recent times, as a major number of companies concur to the fact that by Business Process (BPO) outsourcing, their average turnover has nearly doubled up than normal. This in turn is resulting into more productivity and success in terms of yearly rise in profit ratios. Thus, Call Center Service and BPO is now an ancillary activity for most business firms, say in almost all sorts of businesses and commercial activities around the globe. A professional call center outsourcing partner can undertake Inbound Telemarketing Services and Outbound Telemarketing Services, which are cost effective and have their prime focus on the quality, so as to provide an efficient arm which shoulders the core responsibilities of satisfying your clients, or say customers, through calls, on behalf of the respective firm.


Why You Should Choose Us


   At Regeneration IT Solutions (RITS), we strive to provide the critical back office and data entry services. Our customers attest to our professional experts who will work around the clock to ensure that they offer the best offshore services. At Regeneration IT Solutions (RITS), we adhere to the customer’s guidelines and strive to deliver projects in the agreed time frame. Our company accommodates the needs of most customers, thanks to our dynamic and robust technical support team. It allows our customers to enjoy the fruits of outsourcing back-office functions and data entry. Feel free to outsource all your back office and data entry needs to Regeneration IT Solutions (RITS). The key benefits of doing this may include an increased focus on the core functions, reduced dependence on the limited internal resources, and access to innovation, increased credibility, high-quality services, and reduced costs.

At Regeneration IT Solutions (RITS), our overview highlights:

   At Regeneration IT Solutions (RITS), we offer all services under one roof. It makes us a leading one-stop-shop for outsourced functions. Our clients have no reason to continue worrying about work backlogs. They can outsource their back office and data entry services to our company. We have years of experience in offering the most flexible, affordable, and top quality services to our dedicated customers. Regeneration IT Solutions (RITS) deploys advanced technologies to aid in the conversion of huge physical papers to the more flexible electronic forms which can be used across various digital platforms.

With our reliable service, our customers enjoy easy access to a variety of off line and online data entry solutions together with the top quality back-office help. At our company, we deliver an array of data entry services. We offer Web Research Services, OCR, scanning, form processing, data conversion, data processing, and Outsource Data Entry.

   Additionally, we offer Typing Services, Data Mining Services, Transcription Services, Handwritten Data Entry Services, ASP .Net Data Entry Services, Image Data Entry Services, PDF Data Entry Services, Insurance Claim Entry Services, Magneto Website Update, MS Excel Data Entry Services, Product Data Entry Services, Survey Data Entry Services, , Offline Data Entry Services, Data Collection Services, Data Management Services, Form Processing Services, Data Standardization Services, Data Alignment Services, MS Access Entry Services, E-Mail Validation Services, Data Scrubbing Services, Data Cleansing, E-Commerce Data Entry Services, MS Excel, Data Capture Services, and Data Scrapping.

   We offer many other forms of offshore back office services tailored to conform to customers’ needs. We are efficient and very reliable. At Regeneration IT Solutions (RITS), we help you achieve your goals at minimal exposure to expenses.

   Our skills and expertise in data entry services allows us to handle any type of project. All you need to do is to deliver your data entry tasks into our hands and count the job done. Partner with us and you will be assured of quality at an affordable pricing. At Regeneration IT Solutions (RITS), we provide the best array of high-quality data entry and outsourcing solutions to the entire world. We serve each business segment even those that require manual data entry. Our company has executed many data entry projects for many clients around the world. Get in touch with us to learn more.



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